Almondbury High School

Students at Almondbury High School have been working with us on the subject of conflict and peace, and the meaning of the two-minute silence. Some of the students belong to a project called Bridge the Gap, which brings them into contact with a group of older people from the Huddersfield Deanery Project. They meet together once a week for various activities, which might include shopping, quizzes, or chatting over a cup of tea. During these get-togethers, the students have started interviewing their visitors about their war-time experiences, and their thoughts about war and peace. And they've been joined by some of those taking history as a GCSE subject. One of the interviews - with Mrs Maureen Wood - is already on this website, and we're hoping it will soon be joined by others. Because they took place in the sports building of the school, there's a fair bit of external noise - doors opening and closing, people doing PE next door, calling out to each other as they get ready to go home - but, there, that's school life for you, isn't it!


Maureen Wood on her father's role in the Second World War. Maureen was interviewed by students at Almondbury High School
Maureen Wood on her father's role in the war and people's fear of the telegraph boy
Edna Ryan on her husband and the work she did during the war
Edna Ryan on rasing her son while her husband was at war and her feelings about the silence
Mildred Coombs on her memories of air raids and sweet rations
Mildred Coombs on living in the countryside during the war
Alan Smith on his father and uncle, and his own memories of German and Italian soldiers during the Second World War.
Alan Smith on German soldiers, wearing German uniforms, and finding Iron Crosses in the desert.
Alan Smith on Remembrance Day and whether the sacrifices were worth it.
Jill Leeson on her father, who went to war when the same age as her son is now.
Jill Leeson on on how elusive peace is
Jill Leeson on on why her father joined up, and how he talked to her about 'conchies'
Almondbury Poem on Please Wear a Poppy
Derek Baldry on his, and his father's, wartime experiences
Derek Baldry on his feelings about peace
Sasha Allen and a fellow student on their feelings about peace