Spring Grove Schoolchildren's Poetry

After discussing peace and interviewing one another, the schoolchildren at Spring Grove Junior School wrote and recorded poetry which reflect on the themes of war and peace. Scroll down below to hear them read their poems, or follow this link to the gallery which exhibits their written work.
Ammaarah on her poem 'War is...'
Aeesha on her poem "War is..."
Eyman on her poem 'War is...'
Lewis and Haroon on their poems entitled 'War is...'
Murtadhaa on his war poem
Rabia on her poem "War is..."
Sana on her poem "War is..."
Adeebah Ali on her poem 'War Is'
Aliya Ali on war and peace
Ikra Sattar on the differences between war and peace
Jamaal Mohammed on the differences between war and peace
Jas Singh on war and peace
Suleman on war and peace
Tej on his thoughts about peace
Yasir Kadeer on on war and peace
Yousef on his feelings about war and peace
Spring Grove schoolchildren on war and peace, with project volunteer Nafhesa Ali